Paledave started as a solo venture featuring singer/songwriter Dave Buehrer in 2003. Dave has played guitar and provided vocals for a number of cover and original bands, as well as acoustic acts, throughout his career. His influences range from singer/songwriters, to punk, to classic rock, and even 70s pop. He loves a “catchy - yet rockin’” song, which explains why he lists songwriters like Paul Westerberg, Jeff Tweedy of Wilco, Neil Young, and The Jayhawks as some of his influences. The Paledave sound has been compared to Tom Petty, Ryan Adams, The Replacements, REM and The Wallflowers - but reducing his deeply authentic work to such comparisons doesn’t do him justice. With each listen, his angst works its way into your cells, while at the same time leaving you with a sense of hope – a major chord.

Dave has released 3 albums under the name Paledave. They include his 2003 debut "Find What You Love," which includes the song "Counting Moles" - a song that received commercial airplay on Ann Arbor's 107.1 FM. His 2nd album, "One Good Leg" was released in 2008. On this album Dave took his songwriting to another level and provided his fans with an eclectic mix of high energy rock songs while still offering up catchy melodies as well as some lighter sounds.

His latest album is a 6-song EP titled "Still Tickets Left." This is Dave's best Paledave project yet, and is sure to appeal to his current fans, as well as the newbies. Again, there is an eclectic mix of songs and sounds guaranteed to satisfy.

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Contact Paledave Here:

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